Kingdom of Blackspire – Calendar

The Calendar is good for the months of March 2009- September 2009
Unless otherwise noted the following are Kingdom Level Events.

Sunday, March 1st Coronation & Weapon Master Tournament

Location: Mythril Hills, Longview, WA

Saturday, March 14th Relic Quest I and Althing

Location: Silver Moon, Salem, OR

March 27-29th (Kingdom Sanctioned) Gaming Convention Demo run by Squire Ovate

*More Informatin Forthcoming from Squire Ovate

Sunday, April 5th Relic Quest II, Althing

Location: Oathbreaker Bog, Sherwood, OR

Saturday, May 2nd Nautical Battleday (featuring Pirates vs. Ninjas), Althing

Location: Mystic Seas, Portland, OR

May 29th – June 1st Rosewood, Kingdom Midreign & Prime Minister Elections

Location: Silver Creak Falls Youth Camp, OR

Saturday, June 20th
Iron Keep Mid-reign (Althing?)
Willamette Mission Park,. OR

June 26th – June 28 (Kingdom Sanctioned)
Shrouding Mists Campout Location: Unknown at this time

Saturday, July 11th
Land Pride Competitions, Althing
Location: Dragon’s Forge, Oregon City, OR

Saturday, July 18th (tenative date, Kingdom Sanctioned) Sherwood Festival (run by Sir Gideon)

More information forthcoming from SIr Gideon

Saturday, August 8th
Kingdom Crown Quals & Kingdom War Master
Location: Shrouded Valley, McMinville,. OR

September 10th – 13th (Tenative Dates)
Pacific War XI / Kingdom Coronation
Location: Milo McIver State Park. OR