News – Kingdom of Blackspire

Welcome to Winter Reign 2020-2021Monarchy Team:Queen Countess Bean @Tracy ClementsPrime Minister Sir Fodder @James HaysPrince Theory Nolis @Cody SandersChampion Wyell Voad @Morgan OlinKGMR Rook Whitehallow @Matthew Brown We anticipate that the majority of this reign (if not the entire reign) will be conducted through online means.

Important information/ documents are linked in the comments.

… Due to current events and restrictions on gatherings in Washington we’re cancelling our new player meetup next Sunday.

LARP will come back to Orchards Park eventually, though! If you want to be notified when the game is back on give the page a Like so you can see our future postings.

… Members of the kingdom with their new awards.

Amtgard uses a system of formal awards, often presented in custom art and calligraphy, to celebrate its members accomplishments and service to the game.