Pacific War General Information – Kingdom of Blackspire

Pacific War (PacWar) is a PNW Camping Event held in Oregon. Starting in the late 90’s PacWar always featured Tournaments, Battle-games, and Arts & Science activities. Join us this year as PacWar has been selected for Amtgards Olympiad!

Location, Date, and Price

Camp Wilkerson

65866 Apiary-Market Rd

Rainier, OR 97048

September 10th – 13th, 2020

  • Pre-pay is $40
  • Paying at gate is $45.
  • Day trip cost is $20 per day.
  • PREPAY: Send your $40 to [email protected] via PayPal!! Please make sure to Pre-Register for the event before/after you prepay as well. (Visit the Registration Page for this info!)

Olympiad Rules

You can find the list of all the Olympiad specific rules HERE.

Event Team

Autocrats: Sir Baelnorn & Duke Ceian MacNeil

War Events:

  • Games- Lord Kormac
  • Tournaments- Lady Heron Lamana
  • Jugging- Sir Shayden
  • Archery- Defender Miller Time

Cultural Events: Dame Aurora Selene

Gate: Baroness Guin Llewellyn

Constabulary: Marquis Enoc

Feast: Suzerain Heldris

Serving Manger: Duchess Dee Metria

Clean Team: Lord Fritz

Schedule of Events

To be determined.


Only one meal will be provided at this event (Saturday Evening). Please ensure you plan accordingly.

Please check back to see what our Feast will be! (It’ll be delicious)

Site Pictures

The lodge and group fire pit. The lodge and main fighting area. The inside of the Lodge. The “church”, the building that will house the Olympiad A&S entries. One grouping of the Adirondack, 3 sided buildings with 8 wooden bunks in each.