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Church of the Truebrew
The church of the true brew was founded in January of 2003 by Sirs Fodder, Gideon, and Nicademus. We are a service oriented group that is definitely willing to get on the battle field and have fun. To contact truebrew for running an event or for information about our household contact: Sir Gideon Blackthorne
The Golden Horde
Horde was created by Rajjin Vailor, Blank Elnino, and Chimera in October 2005 sometime. To contact Rajjin Vailor, email him at: [email protected]
House Chiurgeon
Chiurgeon is a service house made for responding to real injuries and illness on the field and at events. It was founded in 2001 by Lord Malek Marlschev. All house members are at least First Aide/CPR certified or better, with several members being EMT or nurses. House Chiurgeon provides med tent services at nearly every campout in Blackspire.
House Valkyrie
Valkyrie a group dedicated to women in amtgard. Our goal is to create well-rounded female amtgardians and to provide a place specifically for women to support themselves and each other. Started 2005, by Jereth, Mitsu, Mista, and Lorelei; visit our yahoo group
In the year 1990 Sir Theodrik Blackflame and Sir Imagg Nifeasant manifested their dream of becoming the ultimate fighting force in Amtgard. By doing what we do best, we drive fear into the hearts of king and pauper alike, unmatched by any in Amtgard. To those who say different, look to the heavens . . . the storm is coming . . . .

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